5 Simple Vitality and Immune Boosting Tips You Can Do Everyday

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Shifting old habits to healthy routines can have a dramatic effect of the way you feel

It is one thing thinking about what you want to change in your life and then there’s actually doing it!!! Oh boy it can be a real hurdle to get there sometimes but when you get over the hump its just the beginning… Once you beat the cravings and the ingrained habits  and the old thoughts your body begins to thrive and you will never look back..

Now these tips maybe simple and you may just go “yeah I know that….”.  I ask you, is that just a part of your old beliefs and conditioning telling you that these changes won’t make a difference, or do you truly think it doesn’t?

Here is the key… don’t be hard on yourself if you break your own rules!!!

Just simply embrace the fact you are human and sometimes you like to have a little “blah blah”.. No big deal.. but don’t leave it to long before you pick up the ball and and run with it again… Life is a balancing act that we are all learning to play and it is better to love something out of your life rather than completely reject it or deny it.

Loving acceptance all the way baby….

Anyway enough of my ramble and down to the hard facts…

  • Drink lots of Fresh Clean, filtered water! I know, it sounds simple but it really does work to help keep you vibrant and healthy.
  • Eat fresh, organic, local fruits and vegetables that are in season as much as possible! When fruits and vegetables are in season they have more vitality, therefor you will reap the benefits of this too! There are enough chemicals in our daily life, so by purchasing food that hasn’t been sprayed or grown with chemicals we are making a conscious choice to reduce our exposure to chemicals.
  • Enjoy the peace and solitude of quiet meditation for 10 minutes a day. This gives your body mind and spirit a break and allows them to recharge. A daily practice of being in the moment, in the now, refreshes the spirit and revives the soul.
  • Prepare whole foods using lots of fresh herbs, spices and love.
  • Move your body! A wise person once said to me if you don’t use it you will lose it! So…  Dance, go for a walk, ride your bike, swim, do yoga! Just do whatever form of movement puts a smile on your face and makes you happy everyday.

Try one of these or all of them, your choice. With Love, Lara https://www.yummylara.com/services/

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