High Frequency food, what does that mean to you?

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I was pondering this thought the other day when I was away from my kitchen and the organic comforts of the Byron Bay Shire and found myself hungry, we had eaten all the apples from the farmer’s market and the fresh papaya that was hanging from the tree outside our door and we needed to refuel. So we stopped in at a Japanese restaurant, hoping that there would be a few vegetarian options on the menu and that the food would be edible. It was barely edible, the vegetable tasted bitter and old, the noodles covered in a sweet and sticky sauce that surely had MSG in it!

Yes, I am picky, yes I want food that is fresh, alive and full of nutrients, yes I crave food that is prepared with care and thought, yes I am totally spoiled!

Or am I? Once upon a time most food did come from your own garden or at least from a local farmer and it was generally home-cooked without all the preservatives and additives we see today.

It is time to start looking at ingredients on food packaging ( if you aren’t already). It is time to start growing our own herbs and vegetables. It is time to start putting love into the food we make and prepare. Shop local, go to the farmers market and eat that freshly dug carrot or those apples that were picked yesterday not last year!

We have the right to food that is grown and made with integrity, consciousness and vitality.

So when we eat food that is fresh, local, seasonal and prepared with care and intention we actually feel better, think clearer and work more efficiently. Not to mention we are generally happier because it makes us feel GREAT! When we feel great we can be more present and patient with the ones we love and are close to. This has a great impact on the world around us, greater than we can fathom!

High Frequency food:

  1. Food made with love!
  2. Locally grown, fresh and organic.
  3. Is without preservatives or additives.
  4. The scent makes you want to eat it!
  5. Vibrant in color

How full of goodness is your food?

High Frequency food= Better health



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