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So, food and yoga come in pretty close as things I absolutely love! As I approach my 20 th year of practicing yoga, that’s right 20 years, the longest love affair I have ever had, Yippee! , anyway I still arrive on my mat and I still learn something new about myself or my body every time. That is what is so amazing about having a yoga practice for as long as I have and I still love it.

I started practicing yoga shortly before I moved to London and there I found Kundalini Yoga and extremely eye opening yoga that fires up your system and can make you feel like you are walking on clouds. Then I moved to Australia when the new fad in yoga was Bikram or hot yoga this made me sweat all the toxins out from my years in London! Then I managed a Yogo studio in Sydney and that’s when yoga became life and life was yoga. Now a business owner and mother yoga fits in to my life in between school pick ups and answering e-mails, yet it still is what keeps me sane and keeps my body from getting angry at me…

In fact I crave, need and adore yoga from yin to vinyasa you name it. I find I am settling in more and more to a regular mediation routine as a result of years of showing up and practicing and this is so exciting, as I can now sit comfortably for up to an hour and not feel pain or incredible discomfort, what a relief!

So where do I practice? I live in Byron Bay the world is my yoga shala, hee hee, but seriously there are so many awesome yoga teachers out there from Geoff Brooks at Ananta Yoga to Bess and Tahl and the crew at Creature Yoga.

I heard news of a new yoga studio opening up soon called The Byron Yoga Shala where one of my all time favorite yoga teachers Nikki Grant, will be teaching. She taught me through pregnancy and beyond and she is truly the embodiment of yoga.

The list goes on as more and more of my fellow yogis are moving up here most recently Duncan Peak, Glenn Walmsley, Simon Borg Olivier. It is a yogi haven here and I love it, oh and you can’t forget about The Byron Spirit Festival where yogis from all around the world come here to teach.

” The more people showing up on their mats and practicing yoga, the more peace and happiness in the world.”

Lara Yakimishyn


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