Yummy Studios – A High Frequency Teaching Space for Transformation


Yummy Studios, Byron Bay

A High Frequency teaching space for transformation

-Ideal for workshops, classes and events for meditation, yoga and personal development, catering for new-paradigm thought leaders

-Two teaching spaces for educational and conscious evolution purposes held with energetic integrity

-In-house catering by Yummy Lara! Organic, vegetarian and Ayurvedically inspired. Fresh from the farmer’s market to you! Check out the catering tab for more info or contact Lara directly!

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Is a light-filled, contemporary space approximately 100 m2. Housing an exquisite crystal altar, which is sacred and energetically clear to facilitate your highest-level potential, whilst working in the studio. When you enter the space you instantly feel the frequency and a deep state of peace, which is integral to healing and transformational group work and sacred ceremony. Tables, chairs, and cushions are provided.  It seats up to 36 people, however can accommodate more according to your groups needs, please contact Yummy Studios on 0424407343 for more information.


A beautiful  50 m2 space that is situated upstairs. It can comfortably hold 20 yoga students.  This room is great for small groups. This cosy space is carpeted, quiet and comfortable and ideal for all types of trainings, workshops or even private one on clients. With a separate entrance, access to kitchenette and it’s own bathroom, this space is designed for an intimate ceremony, quiet business meeting or an entrancing yoga class. For more info contact hello@yummy-studios.com.



Location Of Yummy Studios in Byron Bay

When considering booking Yummy Studios, there are a few key points to consider:

  • Minimum booking time for each space is 2 hours
  •  A 25% deposit fee is charged at the time of booking in order to reserve the room/rooms
  • Alcohol is not to be consumed at Yummy Studios
  • This is an approved Divine University temple space


The terms and conditions will be sent to you once you have made a booking request or contacted Lara directly.

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